2013 Interim Report

After the conclusion of the 2012 Special Visit the WASC Commission (see Commission Action Letter, July 10, 2012) acted to receive the Special Visit Report, continue with the scheduled comprehensive review in 2017, request an Interim Report be submitted by March 1, 2013, request a Special Visit in spring 2014, and suspend the institution's general degree-level approval for new bachelor's degrees.

The specific action on the 2013 Interim Report stated the following:

"Request an Interim Report to be submitted by March 1, 2013, verifying that the following actions were taken regarding the Bachelor of University Studies (BUS) degree: modifications to the University catalog providing more complete information about the program, placement of the program under appropriate faculty oversight, establishment of faculty-created program learning outcomes, and statement of requirements for entry into, and completion of, the BUS program."

The Interim Report was submitted February 27, 2013.