Meaningful Employment


To be the most positive influence possible in our target areas, our students must have professional opportunities—that is, employment. Therefore, this theme relates to our ability to achieve the objective in our target area (and elsewhere) by providing career services for our students to assist them in obtaining employment opportunities. Thus the university has placed a renewed emphasis on employment and return of international students to home regions.

The university’s focus on meaningful employment was described in the 2003 Institutional Proposal.  Within that document were two significant recommendations:  (1) centralize relevant existing data collected from admissions, registration, alumni surveys, and departmental surveys, and establish a common framework for departmental analysis, placement efforts (career services), and student tracking and (2) enhance the visibility, resources, and professionalism of placement services. 

In addition to these two general recommendations, four very specific areas for action were identified. “1) establishing an organizational structure, physical setting, and resources necessary to manage effective career development programs, placement services, and evaluation systems; 2) educating the university community regarding awareness of career development as a concept linking academic preparation and post-collegiate employment; 3) increasing student awareness of, and involvement in, career development and placement programs, from first year to graduation; 4) increasing internship and practicum opportunities in students’ home countries which can serve as stepping stones to employment and/or graduate education